This brilliant stone wants to be the guardian of your home connected devices

The Internet of things in the domestic world takes time to pose one: what about security? Companies offer us security cameras, thermostats, door control… there are those who speculate on that sooner or later produces to himself a crime with them. In the absence of a common language and tighter rules (the report indicates a security problem) an Israeli startup wants to put some order to this hotchpotch.

dojo stone

Dojo is a company that is developing Pebble. No, it has nothing to do with the connected watch. This device takes its name from the shape that has: that of a pebble. This device acts as a control center which is responsible for monitoring and reviewing all the connections that make connected devices we have in our home network.

Dojo acts as a kind of firewall for all connected devices on the home. Whenever a gadget attempts to make a connection, pebble lights and we receive a notification in the phone to warn us about if we want to give the go-ahead or not that incoming or outgoing connection.

In this way, we will gradually setting all permissions for all ordered connections. If you use Mac, it is sure that the functioning you resembles the Little Snitch application that allows us to filter traffic based on each application, where the connection points, etc.

The other extra of Dojo is what they refer to as cyber security layer that detects threats and abnormal behavior in the network. As explained by the Israeli company, it is able to cut attempted attacks regardless of the type of devices that we have at home. We will have to see how effective it is, but for now we have something like a home alarm system but oriented devices at home.

It will go on sale soon and will be priced from $200. If we buy it in the reservation period we can get on Amazon for $99. If you already have several Internet devices at home, it can be an interesting tool but for the rest of the world (where there is a system of connected lights on the best) is not anything essential.

The Internet of Things paints a very beautiful future where everything is connected and through that invisible link gains a lot of benefits. The reality is a little different, all that promise of comfort is there, but security is a subject that is still pending and which must be resolved as soon as possible to arrive with strength to homes around the world.

Dojo perhaps not the philosopher’s stone that needs this industry but it is an approach to this concern to monitor our connections and try to prevent people to access our data and cause any harm. Some initiatives such as OWASP try to put a little order but at the moment there is much to do in this area if companies like IDC analysts expect the believed that market millionaire of connected devices.

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