3 Reasons Why Hosting Review is Important for Website Owners

Any marketing professional will tell you that word of mouth is the most powerful advertising strategy. It works wonders particularly for services. We all prefer word of mouth advertising because most companies are usually not sincere when talking about their offers.

hosting reviews

They will claim to give you the sun, moon and stars when in real sense they won’t deliver on those promises. Review is just another term for word of mouth. Web hosting is hugely useful to any website owner running an online business.

Therefore, it will be important for such a business owner to read hosting reviews before purchasing any hosting plan from a company. So why exactly should website owners go through hosting reviews?

1. Trustworthy
Reviews are trustworthy as they come from those who have used a certain product or service. They are devoid of all hype, ulterior motives or hidden agenda.

They simply used the service and either disliked it or liked it. So you can put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what they are talking about.

If you were to read about a hosting plan from its provider, you will definitely expect a biased explanation. The owner will obviously point out all the pros of the service and leave out any possible cons.

That is not the case with reviews. Previous service users are not affiliated to the company at all and will tell their story as it is based on their experiences while using the service.

2. Highly factual
Forget about the hype peddled by most hosting companies online. Reviews rarely come with much hype.

Of course, happy customers will often post exciting remarks about the service and the company. Well, at least their excitement is justified as they have use the hosting service and therefore, have a basis to praise it.

However, most reviews contain soli facts about whether or not a service is good. If a client called the company’s customer representative and never received any response within 24 hours, it will show up in the review.

If the hosting plan comes with lengthy downtime so your site is offline for many days, you will see that in reviews and want to avoid such a company like plague.

Do some companies have hidden charges thinking that new customers will not find out? No problem, read hosting reviews and you will certainly find out the truth about pricing.

Previous service users will post anything from load speed and bandwidth to customer service. They will state all the facts as plainly as possible. This will allow you to decide whether or not to purchase the service.

3. Guide you in decision making
With the thousands of web hosting providers on the internet, finding the best one can be a monumental task. This is because all of them will claim to be the best in all aspects.

Despite all this hype, you still need to sift through all of these companies and work with only one. That is where reviews come in handy. After going through reviews for different companies, you will understand several aspects.

First, you will know which company has better features for your website. You will also know more about their pricing plans based on the quality of their service. You will be able to know the uptime and downtime of each hosting provider. The best ones usually have an uptime of over 99.99%. You want website visitors to access your online business anytime and so downtime is a no-no.

In the reviews, you will learn more about the company’s customer support. Technical issues may arise on your site at the oddest hours.

It is imperative to find a listening ear that will be available to fix such issues without much ado. So, compare what reviews have to say about the quality of customer support.

You should then consider working with a company that seems more knowledgeable, punctual and available to attend to you concerns.

Final word
When going through web hosting reviews, don’t look for specifics. Some customers may post negative reviews when the problem was theirs and not the company’s. Such customers will never admit their fault. Therefore, you should instead, look at the trends portrayed in the company’s service.

One more thing: with thousands of hosting providers out there, going through all reviews will be impractical.
So, first decide on whether you will go for shared, free or fully paid hosting. After this, you can search for reviews of specific providers and save on time.

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