API management

Investing in and adopting cutting-edge practices is vital within the dynamic field of software development. This article delves into the API-first mindset, discussing its merits and providing insights into why APIs deserve to be at the forefront of development strategies. The API-First Approach: Shifting Perspectives Traditionally, software development has followedContinue Reading

malicious software for mobile

In the past, malware was considered a huge threat to desktops and laptops. Unfortunately, the problem has now reached mobile phones as well. As mobile devices gain popularity, the number of programs designed to exploit these gadgets has also increased. Malware specific to Android OS has grown to about 97%Continue Reading

kill switch

Last year, Minnesota and California became the first two US states to pass a law making kill switches mandatory on all smartphones sold within their borders. The passage of those laws sent ripples throughout the United States, and prompted UK and European lawmakers to consider similar legislation. London Mayor BorisContinue Reading