Before formatting, what do I do if my PC goes wrong?

A computer with performance problems, which fails and usually starts to behave as it should not be resolved in a large number of cases with a formatted hard disk. This practice, of which we have already spoken, does not solve the conflict if it is something that has to do with the hardware, but it is holy hand with the problems of software and conflicts of the system or of the own programs.

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If we are not very handsome, we do not want to completely clean the storage unit or we simply want to squeeze all the possibilities before reaching the end of formatting, there are a number of things that can be tried. Since Windows 8, and especially with Windows 10, many of the problems can be solved without even installing third-party applications, only using what includes the operating system itself.

Do a virus search

A lot of the problems that are experienced in the day to day are derived because the ‘malware’ sneaks into the computer. It is important to keep the antivirus always up to date, but at the moment you notice errors or performance drops as well, you have to ask the antivirus to do a search for deep malicious software for fix computer problems; it will take a long time doing it, but it is necessary.

If this is not enough or if you want to try other alternatives to search for viruses, this report explains how to do the manual search, without having to take the antivirus and simply.

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Update drivers

The device drivers’ are programs that act as ‘linkage’ between the installed operating system and the peripheral ‘hardware’ and computer formation or are connected to it. In this way, they make sure the system knows what components are installed, recognizes them and everything works properly.

Updating the device drivers which makes the performance of major equipment and has more stability, as it makes the compatibility between the hardware and the operating system is the best. If there is any type of security or programming error, the updated drivers solve in many cases failures, something very important if you perform heavy work with the PC (editing, modeling, photo retouching, etc.)

Use the troubleshooter

Windows incorporates a factory function known as a ‘Troubleshooting’. As long as you can access the computer and there is an error that prevents the correct loading of Windows, this toolkit can be very useful.

To access it simply go to the Control Panel and click on the ‘Troubleshooting’ section. From this section, the tools can analyze and detect the failures of programs, hardware, sound, networks, security and even the system itself; if the issue has a solution and Windows knows, it will show the possibility of repairing it automatically so that everything returns to normal.

Use the ‘easy fix’ tools

The ‘Microsoft Easy Fix’ tool, formerly known as ‘Microsoft Fix It’, is a set of solutions available for all Windows computers as an operating system. Its function is that users can resolve system software failures and third-party applications that affect the performance of the company’s products.

These ‘easy fix’ solutions have to be downloaded, that is to say, that are not installed on the appliance in question. By clicking on this official page of the company you can access all the existing ones: barely take up space and it is a good idea to download them and save them in a folder by renaming the file to one that is easy to identify – for example, the solution that helps to correct sound reproduction problems can be named as “playback sounds”.

Restores the computer to an earlier stage

If more or less one gets an idea of when problems have started and memory is used, we can tell when the last time the computer worked properly was. This date serves two things: to try to remember if something has been installed that is not or has been made some strange movement that can cause problems, and to restore the computer to an earlier stage.

This restore is a possibility that gives Windows to return the computer to the state of a previous day, in particular, that is, after choosing an available date, the computer will return to be as it was at that time, losing all that has been taken out since then (and everything saved, do not forget).

You can restore Windows by searching for the option in the Start menu of the search bar under the same name or from the start of the system in Safe mode if you cannot access it normally.

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Uses a Windows Recovery Drive

A USB drive for Windows recovery is a formula to fix the problem even when Windows cannot start normally. It is enough with a computer that has Windows 10 and a USB to take advantage of the program that creates these units without having to eat the head – you have to do a search in the start menu ‘Create a Recovery Drive’ and will leave the option to carry it out.

With this, you can restore Windows from an earlier point, try to solve problems that are found manually (or with the tools already mentioned above) and create a backup of the files to reinstall Windows if necessary.

Restore Windows

Before formatting, and if all of the above has not worked, there is one last option: take advantage of the system recovery options. To access these recoveries, simply type in the search bar “system recovery”.

Once there, several options will appear: reinstalling Windows, preserving (or not) the files, returning to a previous system update or a more advanced formula that requires running the PC from a USB or DVD.

It is best to try re-installing Windows first by archiving files; if this does not work, the next thing you can try is to go back to the last update. If none of this has worked, no matter how hard you keep trying, the best solution in a matter of time and reliability will be to format the whole system for fix your computer.

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