CoeLux: artificial ceiling that simulates sunlight

Looking at the picture below, without looking at the title, I am convinced that many would say that is a bathroom with a very warm and inviting natural light. The second is true but the first does not. What you see is a ceiling composed of a LED panel capable of simulating the appearance of a sunny day.


Its name is CoeLux, an Italian manufacturer that has developed a system capable of simulating natural light and secondly the ability to illuminate the room as if the sun really was going through the roof. A technological challenge that goes beyond showing the sky on a screen.

Very real artificial light
The idea of this device comes from the need to create and add light to interior places that lack it. Its aim, as explained in the video that have below, was to simulate sunlight but also warm and welcoming atmosphere that conveys.

CoeLux introducing nanoparticles on the panel to get the scattering of visible light as particles smaller than the wavelength of the scattered photons. That is, the rayleigh scattering. Thanks to it, achieved more accurately recreate the feeling of light coming to Earth from the sun.

The idea is very good and, at least in photos looks great. A priori there are many possible uses for closed facilities but also for professional photographers who want this light to work in studio. CoeLux longer available and I can tell you that it is not a product for everyone: 53,000 euro each panel to which must be added about 8,000 installation.

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