android smartwatch

While Android smartwatches were designed to work with compatible Android-powered phones, iPhone users who were hoping that one of these Android wearable devices would sync with their Apple phone were out of luck, until recently. Last month, Google announced that smartwatches that run on android-wear will now work with Apple’sContinue Reading

moto 360

It is the smartwatch that makes a difference in design with the permission of the LG G Watch R – and its creators have given a interesting twist to the design to increase its appeal: Moto 360 and has versions with metallic finishes. A metal bracelet that promised at launchContinue Reading

Cicret Bracelet

The idea of bringing our information anywhere popularized by smartphones offer features that give us access to a myriad of services in order to have everything within reach. But now called wearables have entered the stage looking to transfer that experience to other devices. Thus emerged watches, bracelets, rings andContinue Reading