Creating meaningful jobs with cobots

While there are some people that still portray cobots as dangerous machines out to take over jobs from the human workforce, the opposite is the truth. Cobots can no longer be classified as immobile machines out to take over every job. Instead, they are here to work alongside humans to make work easier and produce more. Companies from all over the world that are manufacturing cobots ensure they are safe to work with humans without much interference. One of those leading companies that manufactures state of the art cobots is universal robots. The cobots come in different shapes and sizes with many capabilities.

jobs with cobots

Unlike the old traditional robots that were immobile, today’s cobots which is short for collaborative robots, are mobile and easily programmable. They are lighter and do not occupy much space. With all this in mind, there is still that question. How do they create meaningful jobs when they can carry out any job that humans can? Below is a look at how cobots make work more meaningful.

Filling in the gaps

Some tasks are either too heavy for humans or too dirty to do. Some companies may require hiring special people besides the ones already in the company to carry out these tasks. However with cobots, they can skip this task and use them for all the dirty jobs in the company. Cobots close in the gaps and can take on any kind of a job whether small or big. Some companies lose staff because of these jobs but there will never come a time when this will be difficult with cobots. They make everything so easy and meaningful.

Help with staff retention

Finding quality staff members to take on particular jobs can be a headache. One job may require a staff of about 3 people which is quite expensive for companies. Now with the help of cobots, companies can stop worrying about quality staff members. One cobot can comfortably carry out work assigned to three or more staff members. This has led to companies cutting down on hiring more staff members who deliver dismal results and reassign the staff already in place to carry out other tasks that are less tedious and less boring.

Help to boost productivity

Staff retention is very important in every work place. If staff keep getting fired because of poor quality work, then productivity of the company goes down. With cobots in place, there is a guarantee of staff retention and a more conducive work environment. This increases staff retention which in turn boosts the productivity of the company.

Risk free working environment

Cobots unlike humans can sense risky situations faster. Because they use sensors, they can detect when there is a fault with the machines or anything else that would compromise the safety of the workers or the company. This reduces risks while at the same time cuts down on downtimes. Cobots do not harm humans. They work alongside them without causing any injuries or interruptions. Whereas humans are prone to accidents in work places, cobots on the other hand are not. They can also take on any risky job that would otherwise cause danger to humans. In places where humans get exposed to hazardous material, cobots can take over while humans take on the less hazardous tasks.

Used as training tools

Cobots are very light and can penetrate in places the human fingers and hands can’t. Because of this, some institutions and industries benefit from using them as training tools. One case is hospitals. Surgeons are now using robotic arms to demonstrate some of the most intricate operations like heart transplants, opening blocked arteries, hip replacements and many more.


Cobots are now here to stay and they get better with time. They make work easier and they are always ready to serve and carry out jobs that would otherwise seem daunting to humans. They are not a nuisance, they are not dangerous, and they are worth every penny. They solve solutions that would take longer to solve creating meaningful jobs for companies and many manufacturing industries.

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