Myths and legends about the batteries of your devices

The gifts of a technological nature, such as mobiles, tablets or some devices (known as wearables) to measure our physical activity, are once again the protagonists of Christmas. All of them have rechargeable batteries, an everyday element on which many legends weigh in. These are the main answers to the usual doubts related to your recharge.

charge device all night

Is it bad to charge the device all night?

The batteries of the first phones had the dreaded “memory effect”, which deteriorated the battery life if incomplete charges were made or reduced its life if the phone was left plugged in once the charge was completed. However, the batteries that are used now are lithium ion and do not suffer from these evils, so ingrained in popular culture. On the other hand, both current mobiles and chargers are intelligent and have mechanisms that avoid any overload option. In short, it does not happen absolutely if we leave the equipment charging all night.

Can I use another charger that is not from the manufacturer?

There does not seem to be a definitive answer. Many third-party devices meet the minimum specifications to charge the equipment with guarantees. However, the market is full of doormen who seem to be official, but whose use can even be dangerous. Manufacturers like Apple strongly recommend the use of their own elements or, if they are from other manufacturers, that are properly certified. There is a good justification for it; The Cupertino (California) company filed a lawsuit last year against one of the industries that sold through Amazon, Mobile Star LLC, and warned that 90% of the iPhone chargers that were marketed on that platform were fake. The prestigious manufacturers want to avoid dangerous situations that drag the brand and damage its image.

use device while charging

Can I use the device while it is charging?

One of the legends is that recharging a battery is a lost time in which you cannot touch the device. Nothing is further from reality. You can continue using the mobile or tablet while charging without major inconvenience that derived from having to be limited to the length of the cable. With the proliferation of wireless charging, you can also use the equipment to listen music or make and receive calls using headphones. The bad press of using the mobile or other device while charging comes from events in which the terminal ended up exploding or burning. However, in all of them the investigations concluded that there are no certified chargers by the manufacturer were being used.

Should I turn off the device while I charge it?

There is no safety recommendation or battery care that indicates that you have to turn off the device when it is charging. What happens, if not done, is that the charging time will be longer, since the mobile or tablet continues to consume resources while they are on. Simply put the device in airplane mode (or turn it off completely) so that the charging time is as low as possible.

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