MacOS High Sierra: Apple’s latest and greatest update

Apple has just released the public beta of MacOS High Sierra. It is now available to download if you feel courageous enough to start testing it before the rest of the mortals waiting for the final version.

MacOS High Sierra

If you’re a normal user who prefers to wait, don’t run risks and the bravest lets test the beta on their computers. In one way and another, we already tell you the new thing that brings this great update of Apple’s MacOS operating system.

One of the most interesting things that incorporates High Sierra is the new APFS file system, which replaces the old HFS as the default system. Although in other versions of development we have known that there was an option to choose HFS at the time of installing it, although surely this option is not preserved in the final version once released.

If you are one of those developers who cannot wait for the final version, then take it into account and better install this beta on a separate partition, just in case.

If you use Apple hardware for these tests, probably adopting and switching to APFS is not a problem, since Apple has already been running the APFS system on millions of iPhones since a long time ago without problems.

Other features of this new version is that it includes API for Metal 2 graphics, that support virtual reality environments (VR) and eGPU cards, besides the new format of video and HEVC and HEIF image. So if you work in virtual reality applications or graphics, you will benefit greatly from this MacOS upgrade.

Improvements are also expected from the user experience in Safari, Photos and Siri. We can see everything new that incorporates High Sierra from the trailer above, so if you are one of those impatient that cannot wait for the final version you already know what you will find.

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