Thync: Gadget that controls your moods

Electrical stimulation through the skull is an issue that has been studied for over 100 years, but had never managed to bring this technology to the extent of the public in general, so far, with Thync will be possible.


With Thync you can control your moods
A group of engineers, doctors and neurobiologists created this new consumable device. It is an electronic device that attaches to the front and to the side behind the ear or neck, sending electrical pulses that produce an effect in the brain, and either to alert or relax.

It runs through low-level electrical pulses that activate specific parts of the cranial and peripheral nerves to induce a state of calm or create an energy boost in minutes.

This gadget, Thync, in addition to its sleek, futuristic appearance, it is designed to be used at any time and is completely safe, since it is the result of over 40 years of research. Either way, it is not a device to treat or regulate any medical indication.

The trade name of this product is Thync, and can be purchased online, directly from their website. IOS works with cell phones through an application with which the user defines what kind of effect you want to receive (energy or relaxation), and regulates the intensity of it.

The main uses for this device may be, calm mode: calm your mind, handle daily stress, and relax after a long day or before going to sleep. For power mode: excited to start the day, improve your performance in training, motivate you, and push yourself to achieve some goal.

With this futuristic device that allows you to control your mood and disposition, it seems that technology and human ingenuity will ever further, to almost control our own mind, what might come next?

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