A temporary tattoo for diabetics expands the possibilities of telemedicine

Long ago that tattoos have become a versatile way to access various medical benefits – including electrical – in the human body. Among the latest ideas is the application of this technique to check the concentration of blood glucose levels.

temporary tattoo for diabetics

These tattoos avoid traditional methods for performing these analyzes, and positioned as an alternative to methods as devised by Google, which had developed a contact lens precisely the same purpose. Temporary tattoos are a much less invasive method, and could make a small revolution in this field.

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego for this device have created a flexible sensor that uses a small electrical current to measure blood glucose multiple times a day, which is vital for the treatment of diabetes.

Many people try to avoid these analyzes because these are uncomfortable and painful, but such mechanisms would make possible these constant measurements in a comfortable and painless, and these tattoos last a whole day according to its makers. It is very cheap – barely a few cents – and therefore can be substituted without causing economic impact on patients.

The tests on seven healthy patients have revealed precise measurements of blood glucose, but researchers are already working on improvements that enable for example not having to remove tattoos and analyze them to collect the data: according Amay Bandodkar, one of the investigators, the next step is to provide them with Bluetooth connectivity to send that information to doctors who are monitoring the treatment of these patients.

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