You’re likely not going to often see a day where cybersecurity or cybercrime doesn’t feature in the headlines at the moment. The prevalence of cybercrime is at an all-time high and businesses are struggling to keep up with being ready and prepared to defend themselves against it. Without a proactiveContinue Reading

use router

It’s an internet-driven age. Everything from phones to TV and even cars is now linked to the online world. Despite how much you use the web, you may not think much about the tools that enable digital lives and connect you to it. Along with smartphones and cellular connections, routersContinue Reading

social listening

Getting to Know Social Media Listening Social media listening is an up-and-coming practice that has many fans in the business scene nowadays. It encourages people to stay on top of rival social media accounts and all of their current activities. It encourages them to stay updated with regard to keywordsContinue Reading

lateral phishing

Undoubtedly one of the most present threats today is Phishing. As we know, it aims to steal user credentials and passwords. It is present at all levels and can be reached by email, social networks or by accessing fraudulent pages. However, there are different types of phishing attacks. In thisContinue Reading

threat protection

In our digital world, almost everyone puts themselves online whether it is on social media or using online banking or sending emails. With the increase of technology usage through social media, online banking, and cloud technology, keeping your computer safe is becoming a top priority. Every computer needs threat protectionContinue Reading