8k TV

Technological manufacturers often anticipate the needs of users. In the case of televisions, they have been years ahead. When the 4K format or Ultra High Definition (UHD) format has just been introduced, the brands will be launching the first 8K televisions. With the new format, pixels (the color dots thatContinue Reading

wireless hard drive

A wireless hard drive is an external storage device that uses a wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to allow access to its stored content. This type of solution allows you to store content that can be accessed from a connected computer or mobile device without the need for cables andContinue Reading

jobs with cobots

While there are some people that still portray cobots as dangerous machines out to take over jobs from the human workforce, the opposite is the truth. Cobots can no longer be classified as immobile machines out to take over every job. Instead, they are here to work alongside humans toContinue Reading

digital acronyms

Thirty years ago cell phones were the domain of the super elite, telegrams were still sent, fax machines were standard pieces of office equipment and video recorders were essential household appliances. Not much time has passed but a lot has changed and in these swiftly moving digital times it isContinue Reading