Children and dangers of using internet

It is true that today many children are born almost with a tablet or smartphone under the arm, with all that implies: internet, games, social networks, etc. And while some parents are committed, they can not or should ward radically new technologies, because they are there, and part of its generation. All around, in the friends, cousins, acquaintances, neighbors and even in their own parents they see it every day.

dangers of using internet

The objective of the parents with respect to their children should not be the restriction of use. The usage time is only one of the measures to be taken, but the main objective is to teach children to use new technologies with reasoning.

Here we give a few tips to help your children make use of social networks and the Internet in a healthy way. You can sit with your child next to computer and teach yourself how to use.

  • Prevent your child has free internet access in their bedroom and without supervision. Try to have internet access in a room where we are or we can be ‘circulating’ all. This can substantially reduce the likelihood of harassment; will give bullying, pornography, etc. You can also install software in your child computer or smartphone so that if he want to browse any adult website software automatically block those website.
  • Leads by example and if you don’t want your child to be all day on the phone and computer, you do not do it either. Think that children follow in the footsteps of adults.
  • Get involved in social life. Ask him with whom he goes, with whom he speaks, who has befriended and, if possible, become his friend in your social network.
  • When you, as a parent, whoever publishes photos of your kids on social networks, attempts to control the privacy button. Also attempts than the pictures not appear time, places you have visited or always frequent to avoid to give tracks of where you move. We lose track and may come at the hands of strangers.
  • Prevent your child send photos or videos to others without your consent.
  • If you upload photos, do not add data to identify the minor, for example by the full name.
  • If you think your child is being bullied, try to take child locator as soon as possible. In this way you can monitor your child movement.
  • Avoid uploading give clues to where your child is moved: e.g. wearing the school uniform.

Follow all these tips will help you minimize the risks to which the children are exhibited in Internet and the social networks.

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