Facebook launches tool to transmit live audio

Facebook launched a new tool, exclusive at the moment for the BBC, Live Audio will allow users to transmit live audio for contacts or followers of Facebook.

facebook live audio

The tool Live Audio works very similarly to the streaming video that is now available to all Facebook users. For the time being the tool Live Audio is only available for the BBC and their news radios, LBC and the publishing house HarperCollins.

This tool will transmit live audio, for those who have limited data on the phone or due to lack of bandwidth not able to transmit live video.

The new tool of Facebook will allow users to communicate in an innovative way, especially for the postcast and the musicians, who can use it to make advances in their albums.

All Facebook users may access this tool, for the time being available only to a select group. The tool also introduced some of its restrictions.

In the case of Android users will hear the Facebook Live Audio at the same time that the smartphone is used for any other function, except make calls.

For iOS users, it will only be possible to navigate within Facebook while listening to the audio of Facebook Live Audio. This release closes the company’s year, which innovated with the arrival of streaming videos in 2016.

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