Google Maps: New tool will help users in wheelchairs

After including features such as shortcuts, recommendations, delivery and much more, now Google Maps has added a new feature that does have a purely social function: shows places accessible for people in wheelchairs.

google maps help users in wheelchairs

This complements information of traffic and schema of local commercial, for what, for example, the elderly can make sure that the place they are visiting has conditioned space.

The accessibility information for wheelchair is displayed next to the traffic or the opening hours of commercial establishments. To do this we must click on the description of a location, always and when the user has activated the function in their configuration.

The feature is not yet incorporated in all regions, as Google has explained that it is an extremely difficult task to determine the equipped places, as many countries do not require companies to implement these parameters.

As explained in their official blog, users will be able to collaborate with note the suitable places and not suitable for people with wheelchairs. In fact, the more online users collaborate with information, the faster this feature will be updated.

The progress that has been achieved with this feature was possible thanks to the policy of Google, in which their employees spend 20% of their working time to develop personal projects that may improve the functioning of the company.

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