Gmail now lets you undo the sending of e-mail message

To enable this tool you need only go to the ‘Settings’ (top right of the browser in Gmail) where there will open a menu in which it will be possible to personalize the time during which the user will be able to cancel the mailing. By the time the options are: 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds.


Once you activate whenever the user sends an email, the alternative of ‘undo’ appears. However, it is clear that the tool does not delete an email that has been sent. Its purpose is to provide the possibility of making corrections, change the recipient or simply cancel the message, during the interval chosen before.

Although for many this tool is innovative, in reality before come to light, it was taking six years ‘being cooked’ in ‘Gmail Labs’, a space created by Google to allow users to test the experimental preliminary functions that prepares the company.

In order to access them only you must go to the ‘Settings’ option and click on the tab ‘Labs’ where the list of all the functions that the user can test is. As experimental, Google warns that they can change, disappear temporarily or permanently, cause problems in the functionality of Gmail, or stop working.

It also provides the possibility of users through a forum make suggestions to the company functions that would be useful to be developed in the future.

Here we present some of these tools in trial that can make managing emails in your Gmail more comfortable.

Mark as Read
Until now the only way to mark conversation as read to let appear unread messages was access the menu of Gmail and search option in the ‘more actions’. However, in the ‘Labs’, there is a function that allows you to enable a button on the main interface for this action (like Hotmail).

Pictures in chat
Although Gmail chat (Hangouts) is a useful tool when communicating with contacts, its graphical interface is quite simple. With this ‘Labs’ function user can enable it in the windows profile pictures with whom we speak are displayed. Another function of ‘Labs’ to chat to distinguish between contacts connected from PC or Android.

Unread message icon
Some people use email as a basis for their work and for them to know when a message has reached them and how many have not reviewed is paramount. With the function of ‘icon of unread message icon’ the user can know how many has not yet opened without opening the Gmail window as the icon that appears on the tab navigation appears the figure in brackets.

Google Maps
It is normal when mail arrives with images, videos or voice files, Gmail allows the user to preview the content from the same platform. With the ‘Labs’ feature for maps, every time you get a message with an address, automatically will display a small display from ‘Google Maps’ to show you where it is.

Quick Replies
Normally when in the office will send a large number of emails, many of the answers are the same. With the option to ‘Quick Replies’ that can be enabled on ‘Gmail Labs’. You can save a answer and use it whenever you need it with just one click. Even, automate them so that the contacts that you choose always reach the response message.

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