How Technology Can Help You Keep Your Bike Secure

A bicycle may be one of the least high tech modes of transport there is, but thanks to the latest wave of gadgetry, you can use modern tech to help keep yours secure. Bikes are one of the most commonly stolen things there are, and while a decent lock is pretty much an essential for every cyclist, these don’t really guarantee the safety of your bike (though obviously thieves faced with a rack full of bikes will target the ones with the least robust locks and chains first).

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Bikes can be expensive, particularly if you are a serious cyclist, and also, having your bike stolen can be a huge pain if you use it every day to commute to work or school. This is why a heavy duty padlock with technological security features is a welcome recent invention for cyclists.

What Can High Tech Padlocks Do To Help Secure Your Bike?
High tech padlocks have been touted as one of the most interesting gadgets likely to trend in 2015. As you might expect with the gadget industry currently focussing on making everything more connected, high tech padlocks are designed to work with other devices like your tablet, phone or PC to help you know what is happening to your bike in real time. Some high tech bike locks are simply operated via Bluetooth, giving you better security, but if you want the best solution in terms of bike locking gadgetry, you can consider a bike lock that actually communicates with you and uses GPS to know where it is currently located.

Tracking Your Padlock, and Therefore Your Bike
With a smart padlock, you can set up alerts to your phone or computer when certain conditions occur. This means that once you fix the padlock to your bike when you secure it somewhere, your lock will use GPS to tell you where the bike is. You can set it to tell you if the lock is moved, so you will not only be alerted if your bike is stolen, but also, if the lock is still attached when the bike is taken, where it currently is. This can allow you to notify the police straight away. These smart locks also let you know when they are tampered with, so even an attempted theft will be something you will know is happening in real time.

Of course, these smart padlocks also serve as good actual locks, so you get the normal security of a good strong padlock as well as the extra tech features that can help you know the status of your bike when you leave it parked. Additionally, they can be used to lock all kinds of other things, so when you aren’t using your bike you have a useful security device that can help you track all kinds of other things. Use these styles of lock on trailers, boats, items in your shed or garage or even things you have shipped and you can detect movement or theft easily and immediately!

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