Samsung wants to warn of possible stroke through this new sensor

There are all kinds of diseases and conditions where there is an increasing presence of technology, this with the idea either offer patients improved their quality of life, or have access to treatments, monitoring and possible cures.

samsung edsap

Samsung has unveiled a new wearable sensors equipped with head, which seeks to prevent and detect early risk of stroke and a possible stroke.

The wearable that monitors the brain
Within Samsung exists a department called Creativity Lab or C-Lab, where any employee of the company can go to present ideas that, in the future, could become a reality, this is how born EDSAP, which stands for Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package (Sensor and package of algorithms for early detection), a device that could soon be a reality thanks to the creativity of five engineers in the areas of mobile and washing machines.

The device consists of two parts, a type of helmet covered with sensors and a mobile phone application, the hull will be able to monitor brain activity through electrical impulses, all this information is kept synchronized with the application where you will find the algorithm to analyze the activity and determine the possibility of a spill warning with 60 seconds in advance. This time, the person will be able to notify a family member, friend, or take appropriate measures before the event.

One advantage of this device is that it is made ​​of flexible plastic and needs no substance to channel information to the sensors, only stands and begins to work immediately, besides its creators are confident that these sensors in the future may be incorporated into a glasses and not have to wear the helmet at all times.

In addition to warn of a possible stroke, EDSAP also be able to measure sleep patterns and stress and heart rate, and thereby have a broader picture of the patient and to provide treatment accordingly.

Se-hoon Lim, project leader mentioned:
“We approached some neurologists and asked if this was really viable. Many were not interested, but we wanted to try. We are currently investigating how could operate EDSAP with heart. Over the coming months, we will have an idea of ​​the scope of EDSAP”.

EDSAP is just a prototype, but in the coming days will begin testing in individuals after this and if all goes well, will proceed to clinical testing and certification by health departments and governments involved to have a final product possibly in 2016.

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