If you can not break the ice in a conversation, this shirt helps you socialize

Start a conversation with a stranger is not easy for everyone. Find a common theme, something interesting to talk about to break the ice with someone else … There are people who has trouble and if this is our case, The MIT has a slightly subtle but very useful T-shirt.

social textiles

Social Textiles is a project to create shirts that show words in the chest in real time depending on the interests of the other person to have around. What is interesting is not so much social contact but the technology behind this garment capable of knowing who we have in front of us and the curious system with which messages are displayed.

Communication is the social fabric
In the chest we found thermochromic ink at 29 degrees Celsius. An ink capable of changing color according to the temperature, a combination of liquid crystal and dye. Its operation is identical to the one of those rings of humor that shows different shades depending on the temperature of our body.

Next to it, we have a soft circuit that combines conductive threads of gold and others of a compound called MedTex130 that also has conductive properties. Combining them with RFDuino we know who we face if wearing a shirt as our own, and show what we have in common.

At the moment it’s a prototype and not sees it in any clothing store but the technology behind to display messages in real time without using larger panels is very interesting. Perhaps not bring along on a first date but as a concept is curious.

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