Review of the Samsung galaxy tab E 9.6 inch

Looking for a new tablet to invest in? The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is one to consider. With a 9.6” display, not only is it on par with the size of some of the newer tablets on the market today, the high resolution 12800 X 800 is also going to put off captivating visual images, video, and high resolution images on screen as well. So, what can you expect in terms of performance, power, battery, and features? These are a few of the basics for those who are considering a new tablet, and debating whether this Samsung model is the way to go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

With 8 GB of built in storage, and up to 26 hour of battery life, you can go for quite some time on this impressive device. Of course the 9.6” screen size is rather large, allowing for ease of video streaming, photo sharing, use of social media, or even doing work or reading on the tablet, without having to strain your eyes or vision for extended periods of time.

It runs on the KitKat 4.4 OS, is only about 495 g in weight, and has a 2.0 MP front facing camera, which is equivalent to the iPad and other pricier models out there. At only .8” in thickness, the device is also light and small enough to easily carry around anywhere, whether being utilised for work or for fun.

It has 157 pixel density, an ambient light sensor built in, a proximity sensor, as well as full touchscreen capabilities on screen, for ease of use and mobility on the device. The lithium ion battery is projected to last for up to 26 hours, which is about 225% the average battery life of other devices. If you are always on the go, this is an extremely rare feature, and one of the main selling points for this extremely low priced model tablet on the market today.

Overall, the tablet doesn’t have too many frills or features, is basic in design, but does what it is meant to do. With stunning visual display, exceptional battery life, and high resolution screen, camera, and fairly large screen size, there are many great selling points to owning this device. Add in the fact that it has a new OS, and runs on the most widely used platform in Android, and it is a great device for entry-level to novice users, who are in search of a new device which is reasonably priced on the market today. If you are interested in getting one of these products then why not take a look at some online catalogues which offer tablets including iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Kindle Fires.

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