Samsung helps mothers to maintain contact with their preterm infants

Samsung developed the application Voice of Life for mothers of premature baby to talk to their children while they are in the incubator, which could contribute to the proper brain development of babies.

premature baby

What does the application is to modify an audio note – eliminating the high frequencies – to generate a similar effect to as the child would hear it inside the womb. In turn, a speaker is placed reproduced from the recording and thus the contact between mother and child when the child is kept in the incubator and even if the mother is not in place.

In addition to recording the voice, placing a finger at a certain location (see video), Voice of Life captures pulsations of the mother and can reproduce the sound of the heartbeat.

Samsgung has not yet given details of when the application is ready or if parents can access any device in case the hospital does not have it. What it does say is that it helps relax the babies who must spend weeks in an incubator in neonatal care and helps parents to keep in touch, it becomes difficult in those early days.

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