Smart Rope is a connected rope presenting our activities in midair

Smart Rope, this is a smart and connected rope, which can quantify our activity, but that demands our attention because of the way in which represents the information.

smart rope

Possibly, to keep us fit, we do not needs the rope cord itself present us information on each iteration that we do, but visually it is very attractive, as you can see in the video below. Also striking the rotary design at the exit of the rope from the handles, and in general, the detail put into every element of the project.

The rope has a number of LEDs that blink and may represent up to four digits to make the turn forward. It can teach us so much the number of jumps that we have done, like the time we take, or calories burned. A button on one of the handles allows us to change the option.

Smart Rope has the necessary sensors to record our activity, besides communication technology – Bluetooth 4.0 – to send it to a mobile or wearable device, where we can better interpret it and conserve the activities in an application – SmartGYM – created for the occasion.

The device is functional, but is not yet available, even bookable. Its developers, Tangram Factory, have plans to launch a funding campaign to take it forward.

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