The small Sphero BB-8 is the robot that every lover of Star Wars probably want to have

The next December will witness a new era in the Star Wars universe, and millions of fans of the series are waiting as rain in May the premiere of the new installment of “The Wars”. We have already started to salivate with an impressive trailer, but Disney machinery – current owner of rights – has begun to operate.

Sphero BB-8

In fact those responsible held tomorrow what they call the “Force Friday”, a day that will be held by perpetrators “the new generation of toys, collectibles, books and clothing” related to this saga will go on sale in stores. But if you are fans of Star Wars and the robotic toy that probably will conquer the Sphero BB-8, the small smartphone-controlled robot that mimics one of the robotic characters in the new release.

The force not accompanies the BB-8: what makes the electricity
In reality the product is simply a customization of the already striking “robotic ball” that Sphero marketing takes time and that allows us to control the speed and direction in which moves this particular area by different land. The company and Disney have joined forces to take that concept and announced that they would launch before the movie was released.

As in previous devices, the BB-8 is controlled via an iOS or Android based smartphone (although among the new features is support Bluetooth LE), but with the arrival of BB-8 new driving modes appear. In the Holographic Messaging mode will be used a system of augmented reality for which the videos appear to be the holographic messages of Star Wars. The Patrol mode allows the small (and not so small) record the movements of BB-8 and programmed movement routines to take advantage of that potential. The last of the available modes, Driving, do we assume: let us to control this movement to our liking.

On top of BB-8 “head” of the robot that is no more than a piece that it is kept in the correct position above (but not just on the top of the “body”) by a series of magnets. That coupled with the external decoration, which mimics the BB-8 film, makes it likely become a bestseller and significantly boost sales of “simpleton” original model.

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