Why your phone does not charge when you just wet it?

Having a waterproof mobile phone is life insurance now that summer has arrived: your heart will not stop if your smartphone slips out of your hand and ends up in the pool. It is not that this protection allows diving, but it does give certain guarantees that the mobile will not break down so easily in the face of harassment of the elements. Although yes, maybe after wetting it does not work as expected.

mobile when wet

There is a common problem that usually occurs as soon as you wet the waterproof smartphone: it is impossible to charge. A message usually comes out when the USB is connected to the corresponding charging port: “Humidity has been detected”. This not only happens when the smartphone gets wet, also with the use of covers: condensation can be created inside the charging port that ends up detecting the smartphone.

Problem in itself since it should not be damaged: if the manufacturer assures that the mobile phone can be submerged, there should be no problems; at least as long as the limitations are met. You know: do not put the mobile in salt water, do not submerge it for a long time in fresh water and not too deep. The IP68 resistance, the most common in water resistant mobiles, sets a limit of one meter of immersion with a maximum time of 30 minutes (if it is IP67 you can not submerge it).

Why does your mobile prevent the charge when you just wet it?

When connecting the cable to the smartphone to transfer the charge to the battery there may be a short circuit due to the water inside the port, hence the warning. In addition, many water-resistant smartphones have a moisture detector in the port to prevent corrosion. If moisture levels are detected above a set value, the mobile prevents loading until the humidity does not fall to acceptable levels.

Corrosion and short circuits are the main reasons to avoid charging when the phone is wet. This not only affects the immersion or splashing, since it can appear in summer and with condensation, for example. Also if you usually take your mobile while doing sports: if you put it on your arm, buy a case that protects you from sweat. This is highly corrosive and can ruin your mobile forever, even if it’s waterproof.

Although there are more and more mobile phones with resistance to dust and water that does not guarantee that they are covered by the warranty. It is not convenient to immerse them in excess, even if you do not exceed the limits. And if you see the humidity at the time of loading it is best to pay attention and try not to load until the warning disappears.

Are there ways to remove the moisture warning in the charging port?

Humidity tends to evaporate, at least if the environment is dry. Remove the phone from the case, keep it unused for a while and it will probably reload. You can also dry the interior with a little absorbent paper, always being careful not to leave it inside. And yes: never use a dryer to evaporate moisture because you can always charge the smartphone.

The humidity detector of your mobile phone is just an insurance to prevent short and long term damage. In the event that the humidity warning does not disappear, it is best that you bring your mobile phone to the technical service: it could have been damaged.

One final note: if your mobile has wireless charge you can always recharge it with one of those bases. With this load there are no moisture problems.

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