Instagram is shielded to prevent impersonations and attacks

Instagram will introduce three new functions from next week to secure the accounts of its users, according to Mike Krieger, co-founder of the company, on the social network page. The new functions will help to evaluate the authenticity of the accounts with a lot of follow-up, to assure those of the “public figures” and to protect all the accounts. This last update occurs shortly after a massive attack registered on the network and that allowed the seizure hundreds of accounts.

instagram new function

“Keeping people with bad intentions is incredibly important to me”, Krieger justifies in announcing the news. “That means trying to ensure that the accounts you follow and interact are whom you affirm to be”, he adds.

To verify the accounts, Instagram will incorporate in the menu the function “About this account”, where information about the date of creation, the country of origin and the changes of users in the last year will be offered.

“If you see an account that you think violates community standards, you can report it”, Krieger advises. During the month of September, the user can review the information that will be made public.

In the same function, a blue badge will be added that will guarantee that the account is the authentic one of a “public figure, celebrity or brand of an international entity”.

To verify an account, it must comply with the terms of use of Instagram and the network will verify the authentication requests. The verification criteria have been set in the company’s help center.

Blue badge

To access the blue badge request form, in the menu settings function you will have to choose the verification request, provide the user name, the full name and a copy of the company’s official records.

The request does not guarantee that it will be verified, but Instagram will communicate if it will proceed or not to grant the badge, which in any case will be free.

The company also foresees the authentication with other applications. For that, in the settings, it will be necessary to choose the option of preferred authentication applications and choose them. If this formula is already used, it will automatically be identified and an entry code will be sent.

If you do not have a verification application, it will be sent to the main application stores to download the one that the user wants. Once it is installed, the steps required in the settings will be followed. This process will begin in the coming weeks.

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