Wireless charging, what it is and how it works?

Wireless charging is one of the exciting features found in the latest high-end models offered in the market. The wireless charging is to place the device on a surface that transfers energy to the battery.

wireless charging

That kind of load has generated several questions: how does it work? How do it accomplish wireless charging a battery from a cell phone? Technically the answer is very simple, as happens in all wireless communication, there is a transmitter and receiver, as well as when using a cell phone, a cordless telephone, a radio, even the same Wifi, in all cases there is a sender and a receiver.

How it is spread?
For mobile devices, the wireless charging operates inductively, that is, the wireless charging through a transmission coil, inducing a voltage in the receiver coil by electromagnetic fields.

In less technical terms, wireless charging is achieved through a device (coil) which generates an energy field that is used by the receiver to bring energy to the battery.

The solution sounds quite interesting and comfortable; however, charge a cell to 100% wirelessly would take a little more time when compared with the wall charger. In order to improve efficiency and wireless charging time, there has been generated the war of quite interesting standards, a technology that is still in the stage of maturation.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with wireless charging?
The device must have the logo of Qi, it is a magnifying glass to examine the letter i. If so, you can buy wireless charging kit. Many are on the market; however, it is recommended that you check with the manufacturer to determine the best charger compatibility with the equipment.

Do I charge the iPhone wirelessly?
Sadly the answer is no. Still we do not understand why this functionality is not included in the equipment of the apple. For now, recommendation is to wait for Apple to put on the market certified wireless charging accessories for their equipment.

Qi wireless charging
Qi is one of market standards created in 2008 by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Many manufacturers like HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony have already included this technology in their devices. Qi is the standard of greater penetration, it runs under the model already mentioned at the beginning of this article, two coils, a ready and electromagnetic field, and already have wireless charging.

Among the latest equipment incorporating this load option is the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, presented by Samsung at Mobile World Congress 2015. In these new models Qi Wireless charging system has been improved considerably. With just 10 minutes of charging on the base, the energy is obtained to use the device for up to four hours.

Normally this Qi technology requires to charge the battery, the device should be placed on a base; however, the 1.2 version of the standard (1.2) allows that the device can be charged up to 45 mm away from the base. We are talking about charging by resonance.

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