A gel like adhesive for placing sensors in internal organs

We are getting used to carry sensors in all parts of the body, but in many cases it would be necessary that it’s be staying close to our bodies, with the mission to monitor our vital signs to a higher level.

Sung Won Lee, Tokyo Engineering University, is developing a gel that can attach sensors to vital organs. It applies in place as if we extended a compress, and can detect biometric information with a very high definition.

sticky gel

The idea is that the smaller sensor may be placed at the same point without moving, nor cause any damage within the patient. In the picture we see the gel – the prototype stage – a 100 yen coin stuck to the inside of a hand.

As usual in this type of developments, tests are being conducted in rats, which have managed to register with great level of detail the electrical activity of their small hearts. The duration of the systems that are now at hand is about three hours.

For quick and public demonstration was tested gel in swollen balls, which then emptied, and the sensor and the gel were still staying in the same position.

Now applications logically have more to do with health and medicine, to sporty improvement, but cannot be ruled out that there is also way to work in that direction.

There are also those who consider that it is not clear whether this type of sensors in organs is really necessary when operating, but development can lead to other research and applications. For now we can think of that might be related to adhesives and flexible circuits.

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