A mouse that records our heart rate, in Mionix work at it

Mionix is a Swedish company moves into the world of peripherals, with mouse designed to play, as the Avior 8200. The next major project is in the hands of MionixLabs, the innovation department of the company, and the characteristics of the initiative, has decided to pull funding platforms. NAOS QG is the name of their protagonist, a unique mouse.


Mionix’s intention is to create a device that improve the quantification, and propose it as a parameter more than game. The wraps are bringing the mouse are a heart rate sensor – optical – and a surface that detects our contact taking into account the electrical resistance of our skin. To be fair to the pioneers, the sensor already found many years ago in a model like the Asus Vito W1.

The data are collected by mouse and sent to the computer so that from there decide what to do with them. Besides monitoring – onscreen – and analyze the values, the interesting thing is that games can act accordingly.

Obviously all this effort and technology would not make sense but tools are created so that developers can take advantage. Therefore, Mionix is developing a free APIs and available to anyone. So far they have worked in a layer of monitoring that can be placed above each application.

Mionix want their mouse becomes a reality in June 2015, with a price of $129. For those who assist in the initiative – 300 units – the price will be reduced to $80.

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