google maps help users in wheelchairs

After including features such as shortcuts, recommendations, delivery and much more, now Google Maps has added a new feature that does have a purely social function: shows places accessible for people in wheelchairs. This complements information of traffic and schema of local commercial, for what, for example, the elderly canContinue Reading

portable instant photo printer

A company that started manufacturing high quality woofers, and that gradually would expand the field of gadgets, and other areas in the market, the question is that Pyle is the companies that are still living in areas of the market that have gradually lost momentum. The photographic prints is notContinue Reading

universal laptop charger

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) issued a statement in which confirms that, after three years of development, defined the first universal standard for charging laptops. Until now, each manufacturer chooses a proprietary charger, which prevents from being able to decide for any of them to give power to your notebook,Continue Reading

facebook workplace

For those who thought Facebook to lose time employees in enterprises, now Facebook Workplace will help to improve the internal communication of the companies. Facebook has built and this offering what would be a powerful platform that promotes the internal communication of companies, a platform that called Workplace and isContinue Reading