How business VoIP services make a difference to business

Hosted Business VoIP can make a massive difference to any business. For starters, there are the cost-savings. Even small businesses and sole traders can reduce their telephone bills by as much as 80%, and for firms that have to pay a big bill every quarter, that can be a very considerable saving indeed – one that will have an immediate impact on cash-flow and the bottom line.

business VoIP

And it’s not as if having a phone line is an option; businesses must be connected. There must be a number you can ring. The great thing with hosted VoIP services is that the central number can be anywhere in the country and calls made to that number can be redirected to another location or even several locations simultaneously.

It is even possible to have numbers in many different locations, so the business can enable callers to make a local call, even though they are then directed to a central office.

Hosted VoIP can thus be used to make businesses more accessible and responsive – and that’s important if your business is dependent on incoming calls, as so many are. It’s also vitally important for a business that has customers who might have the occasional problem or question – or make additional purchases. When they call they will expect to get through to someone quickly. By redirecting and forwarding calls when you need to, you can make maximum use of your resources.

You can set-up auto-attendant systems and voicemail with hosted VoIP as well, so this is a useful fall-back option if you need it or want to filter calls before anyone picks up the phone.

Hosted Business VoIP also means you can make the best use of all your resources. You can see how many calls are being received and made by each number (and every number will be attached to an individual member of staff) and adjust how calls are managed accordingly. You also get full visibility of time spent on each call and any associated costs, so you’ll know exactly how much it is costing to develop new business or manage existing customers.

In all these ways, and many more, hosted VoIP services helps businesses be more efficient, reduce costs and improve customer service.

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