How Useful Are ‘Smart’ Padlocks?

Often, you need to secure something somewhere where you may not be able to keep an eye on it for some time. It could be that you want to lock up something you own like a bike, a trailer, or a boat, or you could need to use a padlock to lock up some cargo that is being sent somewhere.

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A fairly recent invention that can add a considerable amount of security in these kinds of situations is a ‘smart’ padlock. Not to be confused with smart locks that are unlocked via Bluetooth or other advances in the field of high tech lock and key systems, here we are talking about padlocks that can communicate wirelessly with your devices to update you on the status of the thing you attach them to (and the lock itself).

What Can Padlocks Like These Do?
A good smart padlock is designed to be suitable for use in outdoor locations (so it can be used on things like construction sites, marinas, and for securing things to vehicles, among other purposes). This means what you have is a strong weatherproof padlock that also has some powerful communication features.

Using GPS, a smart padlock can notify you when it has been moved (and where it currently is located), or when it enters or leaves a specified geographical location (if you want to track something that is in transit). It can also tell you when the lock is opened and closed, and some models also feature an impact indicator which can show you if someone has attempted to break the lock or otherwise tamper with it.

Being battery powered, these locks can work for some time without a power source, however how long the battery will last will depend on what services you have your lock configured to provide. All of the features described here can be turned on or off, and calibrated, so you only get the information you really want, rather than constant notifications about the status of your padlock!

Smart padlocks can be set to deliver notifications to your phone, computer or tablet device, and as this happens in real time you can essentially take action as soon as needed if something untoward is happening to the asset you secured with the padlock.

How Useful Are These Locks?
When you need a very robust, weatherproof lock for something, considering a smart padlock is a very good idea. It adds a whole new level of security and trackability to your property, and requires very little set up. Obviously they can be left in place on an item you always keep secured in the same location (and you just have to replace the batteries when alerted to), giving you peace of mind, or you can reuse the padlock on different items and cargo if you want to track the movement of something easily.

Smart padlocks are a pretty neat little gadget that actually makes a lot of difference and provides a lot of features, and they can be well worth using in place of regular weatherproof padlocks.

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