Meet the new features of iOS10

The technology giant Apple pulled this week its beta version of the new operating system for iPhone, the iOS10. The iOS10 is available for anyone wanting to install it and that not imported any inconvenience arising from the fact that it’s a trial version until next September is available the final.

features of iOS10

BBC picked up some of the innovations that this system will bring soon to your iPhone.

Interface, images and messages
The first change that many users noticed was the elimination of pass (or “swipe”) to unlock. Instead, you have to press the “home” button. But even before, with only lift the appliance can seen the lock screen. The idea is to facilitate access and respond to notifications and messages without having to fully open the apps, using 3D Touch.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is one of the great changes that highlights. The iOS10, explains, has artificial intelligence associated with engine connected to the keyboard that lets you predict what the person is going to write to a new level.

This artificial intelligence interprets your conversations and will overtake what you mean. For example, if you ask where you are, will suggest the location that you have on the map, but will also learn how you express yourself. If you usually say ‘yes’ when you want to answer ‘yes’, the application is going to learn and begin to suggest it.

Organize those selfies now be easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence of the iPhone. In the same way, the new iPhone has improved the photos app making it more intelligent with recognition of faces and objects.

Also there is added the possibility that Apple should create automatic video clips with our photos and videos of the reel is added. In practice, that allows you to view, organize and search photos by keyword, such as “mountain” or “mom”.

What has left of last is, perhaps, the greater change of iOS10: the opening of the system to the developers it integrates with all kinds of applications.

Users are accustomed to having every time to do something has to go changing application. What has done is to improve the integration of the system so that everything is more open. For example, you will be able not only send messages like ‘Hey Siri (the virtual assistant of Apple), it sends a Whatsapp to your mother to go warming lentils’, but you are going to be able to do audio calls across Whatsapp inside the phone without having to enter the application.

The problem, explains the expert, is that these changes require that the applications themselves – Whatsapp in the example – perform updates. And until that happens, no change will be noticed. Greater integration between apps promises a better user experience.

But the fact that Siri integrates seamlessly with third – party apps can be decisive for many users who pondered whether to use it or not.

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