Pantelligent is smart pan seeking to be better cooks

Gradually our home is filled with all kinds of devices communicating with each other, where intelligent word is already around and of course the kitchen could not be left out.


Pantelligent is a pan of 12 inches (30.48 cm) that integrates temperature sensors and a bluetooth antenna on the handle, which together with the application for our smartphone will connect to indicate the actions to take to prepare all kinds of recipes, many of them included in the same application.

The application will guide us through voice step by step since the amount and adding oil, until the precise moment that we have to give back to this exquisite steak, of course also tell us when it is ready or have to put out the fire. Likewise all the included recipes have some interesting data of the saucer, as history and other issues, as well as the necessary ingredients to start cooking.

The Pantelligent is now a Kickstarter campaign with which seeks to obtain $30,000 to finance the development of the pan, where the goal has been exceeded with 45 days still ahead. The price of each pan is $199 with shipping all over the world for $30 more and is expected to be available sometime during August 2015.

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