Samsung proposes a camera and an application to improve relations of children with autism

We find too many difficulties in the relationship of autistic children with other people, also with their families. It is a disorder that affects communication and reciprocity of emotions, which affects more than sixty million people worldwide.

Look At Me

People from Samsung has a program called Look At Me working on improving those relationships through technology, a field that has a lot to offer to psychologists and specialists in the field.

Between the symptoms and problems more evident is the little visual contact with their peers or with anybody else, also evidenced by physical contact, and in the absence of language. The tools proposed by the Koreans have to do with a camera, and an application.

The program Look At Me is running in South Korea with some children, as Jong-Hyun, who spent eight months using daily software and camera, helping Samsung and psychologists to develop the program. With regard to his case, ensure that it is helping him to be closer to his mother.

We’d like to learn more about the elements used, as implemented software, proposed mechanisms for the child to look at the face of people, show feelings, even progress at different stages of the game. Yes, we see clearly that the camera is a Samsung Galaxy model, but could well be a Korean firm, or any other mobile phone.

The reality is that there is no scientifically proven treatment, but any therapy or activity that helps to improve eye contact with others, ultimately, their social skills, is welcomed.

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