Smart TV: Five tips to improve Internet browsing

Internet access technology revolutionized television turning them into Smart TV and changed the possibility of entertainment, turning them endless. However, for users to perform actions that give this technology normally as connecting to social networks, listen to music, or video sharing experiences, among others, a quick and seamless connectivity is required.

internet browsing with smart tv

To improve this factor LG Electronics offers six practical tips to improve Internet browsing:

1. The quality of the network connection will largely determine whether users can take full advantage of applications like Netflix or other service that offers full HD or 4K resolutions.

Whereupon, it is advisable to connect the Smart TV directly to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, i.e., connect a cable to the TV from the modem to ensure that the signal does not suffer losses.

2. If you are connecting your Smart TV to a WiFi network must ensure that the connection count with a minimum transmission of 15 MB per second to avoid any problems.

3. Locate the modem in a central location in the living room or the bedrooms that have a Smart TV and at a height greater than one meter from the floor will provide better coverage and will intensify the signal.

4. Avoid physical barriers between the modem and the Smart TV connected to WiFi.

5. Disconnect the WiFi network devices that are not used since these compete for the reception of the signal.

It is important to have simultaneously connected only computers that are necessary and limit the automatic updates that perform the smartphones. This allows increasing the bandwidth.

If the signal reaches downgraded to a room, we recommend using WiFi extenders (also known as WiFi Boosters). These can extend WiFi coverage to different areas of the home.

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