This action camera is not intended to record your madnesses, but to broadcast live

The segment of action cameras is very lively, and although GoPro is an absolute leader in this field its conception of the market could have some other way around it. That’s what thinks at least Sioeye makers, which have that they have presented an action camera … different.

Sioeye Iris4G

This is the Sioeye Iris4G a device that is based on Android, it has LTE/4G connectivity and its differential provision the live broadcast of everything that is capturing. To do this, yes, renounces quality, and leverages a 480p resolution for these video broadcast.

Pure action camera or camera to relay your life, you choose
The Sioeye resignation actually not at all recording: while it retransmits to 480p through LTE connection that is also capable of recording 1080p video in place so that later we can enjoy those same images in higher quality.

If in addition we deactivate the retransmission of data, the camera becomes a device comparable to those of other devices of different brands on the market performance. Thus, we can record video in 2K or 4K if we want.

Those responsible for the project which began its work in Kickstarter have also thought about the development of a number of accessories such as a protective shell to submerge the camera or various mounts for attaching the camera in all situations, and included in the sales package. For now only be distributed in the United States, and will be priced starting at $250.

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