Tips for Taking Care of Your Smartphone

Most people spend a lot of money buying a cool smartphone. All that money, along with all your contacts, photos, etc., will go down the drain if your smartphone gets damaged or broken. Most people think accidents are the number one cause of broken smartphones. However, there’s a far more common destroyer of smartphone: carelessness. A significant number of owners do not take proper care of their smartphones, so the devices end up running their course long before the due date. You can prevent this scenario by following these tips for taking proper care of your precious smartphone:

care of your smartphone

Keep It in a Phone Case
You might not want to hide that sleek exterior of your Galaxy S7, but you must to protect it from superficial damage. Smartphones are prone to scratches, drops, cracking, and many other ailments during everyday use. A phone case can alleviate some of these problems. For example, if you keep your smartphone in your purse along with key chains and coins, it will most likely get damaged. This sort of damage won’t occur if the phone is protectively encased.

There are a number of smartphone cases available out there sold at varying prices. You can buy convenient wallet cases, sturdy hard shell cases, or luxurious crocodile leather cases. In the end, what matters is that you have a phone case. Even a five dollar product can keep you from going to the iPhone repair shop every month.

Keep the Surface Clean
All sorts of dirt and germs can get onto the shell of your smartphone. This is not healthy for you or the phone. You could easily contract an infectious disease if the surface of your phone is not regularly cleaned. Certain substances can degrade your phone also. For example, if you eat a bar of chocolate with bare hands and touch your smartphone, the sugar in the candy can get inside the phone. Sugar cannot be removed from sensitive electronic hardware. It stays there forever and slowly degrades the metal. You could lose your phone in a matter of months if sugar keeps getting inside. Therefore, keep the surface clean and don’t touch your phone with dirty hands.

Use a Screen Protector
The sensitive touch screen of your phone is the one that has to endure the most physical handling during the day. Therefore it’s also the most likely get damaged, often beyond repair. So use a screen protector. Even if you have a protective case, it might not necessarily protect the phone’s screen. Screen protectors not only keep the glass and the touch screen safe, it can protect the display from prying eyes also.

Install Antivirus Software
It’s not just the outside of your phone that you should take care of, the inside matters too. So get antivirus software to protect your smartphone’s operating system from malware. You could lose your data forever if your phone is infected with a virus, a Trojan, or some other spyware. Antivirus software can also monitor all the apps you install for better security.

Your iPhone is only as amazing as the time you devote to taking proper care of it. Smartphones are highly sensitive, so if you are negligent, you could end up having to repair it regularly or buy a new one every year. The latter is not prudent and will cost you dearly. So, religiously follow the above tips to take good care of your phone.

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