Without responsive design websites will be penalized by Google

Google will begin to penalize websites that do not have a responsive design from April 21, which will eliminate from its search results pages that do not have a responsive design.

responsive design

Now Google hopes that all webs are updated to this design to suit mobile users, because otherwise they will disappear from their search results from these mobile devices. This will prevent them to reach many new customers who access from smartphones or tablets.

Responsive Design: what it is and how to adapt
The responsive design is one that adapts the content of the web to the screen where it is displayed, be important in the case of tablets and smartphones.

The web with responsive design:

  • They are more accessible to users
  • They adapt to the screen size of the device from which you access
  • They look perfectly from any device
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • They have less time for loading and development
  • Increase the viral content
  • Improve user experience
  • Users spend more time on the page and even return
  • They are not penalized by Google (for this reason)
  • Do better in search engines (not just Google).

How to know if your website is responsive
You can find out if your site, or any other, is optimized just watching this resource. It is the page that Google has put at disposal so that you know if you accept your site as suitable for mobile devices.

Furthermore, having account in Webmaster Tools to access information and indeed Google is warning of it sending messages to correct problems on mobile usability.

The importance of design
More and more users enter the Internet from mobile devices, many of them to make inquiries or purchases, so it’s very important to begin to suit and avoid penalizing by Google. On the other hand, you can attract new customers of the competition that has not been adapted to the new changes.

What is clear is that making the change to a responsive design is beneficial for both web pages and users accessing them, especially if they do so from mobile devices.

If you have doubts about whether or not your site is responsive, or you’ve found is displayed wrong on mobile devices, you can contact with your web designer. Do not let your business miss web traffic and sales of devices that are increasingly important in online trading.

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