Arc Pen, a special pen for Parkinson’s patients

One of the motor manifestations of Parkinson’s patients suffering from this disease is the micrograph, which would be the difficulty of writing making the lyric go making increasingly small and illegible. With the deterioration of the nervous system as time passes even what once seemed a word ends up being a single line.

Arc Pen

This is precisely where comes Arc Pen, a pen specifically designed to treat the effects of Parkinson’s disease at the time of writing that it returns the ease of writing to those suffering from this disease. The system is prepared to detect involuntary movements of the hand of each patient and produce a vibration in custom function of these in order to ensure stability. With this not only get to writing more readable, but its creators say that reduces pain and relaxes muscles.

Dopa Solutions, a group of designers from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art in UK, they are responsible for this design. They say they have already tested the prototype of their invention in 14 people with micrograph and claim to have gotten improve writing of patients in 86% of cases. Now looking for funding to move forward with the development and testing of their project.

Moreover, they are quite optimistic and ensure that the same technology of high frequency vibrations could be applied to other tools and objects. Google has already put up for sale their Liftware spoons, which seem to use a similar technique. These are also aimed at Parkinson’s patients and allow reducing tremors up to 76%.

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