If you simply mention the name of ‘Impossible’ hardly come to know the real product behind it. It is a folding electric bike that has recently appeared on Kickstarter, and is in the process of funding through this network.

Impossible electric bike

The concept of Impossible would go unnoticed if not for the size you get after complete folding. Its creators claim that it can fit in a backpack, little occupying most of the space for a laptop and with a weight of 5 kg. The unfolding process is just four steps and we will be able already to mount ourselves on it and put in place.

Impossible electric bike has a battery of 2900 mAh ensuring autonomy of 45 minutes at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, although its creators also ensure that a charge can travel about 25 kilometers to a ‘normal’ speed. One of the limitations is the weight of the passengers, which can move people up to 85 kilograms due to restrictions of the construction safety.

The internal battery is easily replaceable (it is placed in the saddle) and very easy to recharge, just connect to the stream with the included charger and ready. Impossible will be available in black and white and will be made of carbon fiber as the main material, due to its lightness, durability and weight.

Impossible electric bike

With regard to possible improvements according to the funding received, the creators of Impossible saved is the possibility of implementing Bluetooth 4.0, a GPS system or custom accessories to provide new functionality. These should achieve 300,000, 700,000 or 1,000,000 Canadian dollars, which given the very recent project status – barely reach US $9,000 – still seems far away.

The bike in your backpack points to 2015
As always with this type of projects funded on Kickstarter, its market launch date will not be early. Impossible aims to be available in August 2015; of course, there is a qualifying round of funding.

Regarding the price is 430 Canadian dollars for white model or 460 for black, while there is also a special edition, exclusive of 530 Canadian dollars will have the original color of carbon fiber.

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