Must Read: Cool Photography Tips For Your iPhone

Whether you have an original iPhone or an iPhone 6, the chances are that you use it as a camera. Since you always have your phone in your pocket, it is the ideal gadget to take photos with when the moment calls for it. Whether you love taking selfies or like taking shots of natural beauty, there are loads of ways you can improve your photos. If you have just got a new phone, you need to learn how to make the best of it. Use these cool tips to create mind-blowing images every time.

photography tips for iPhone

Use apps to touch up bad photos

As you know, professional photographers tend to use Photoshop to touch up their pictures, but you can do it all on your iPhone. You don’t need any fancy software to make your images look incredible. There are now loads of apps you can use that will help you to enhance your pictures. One of the best apps has to be Camera+, but there are other apps that you might want to try. Download a few different options so that you can test them out and find out what works for your style.

Get a remote control to take pictures

If you want to get your photos just right, you need to have total control over your iPhone. A brand new remote control recently, which will change the way you take selfies. Forget struggling to take selfies, the control allows you to set your phone up in the right position and control it. That means you can find the perfect pose and, at the click of a button, you can take a photo of yourself. This device will also work for group photos and scenic shots.

Make filters for your smartphone

Most apps have filters on them at the moment, but why not have some fun and create some for yourself? If you use different materials and put them in front of your camera lens, you can create unique filters. You should try this tip out with a few different types of material. For example, you might want to use colorful plastic or some crate paper for your filters. Make sure that the material you use is transparent so that you can see through it.

Sort out that blurry lens

Your iPhone is in your pocket all day long, and so it is no wonder that from time to time it will get a little blurry. If you try to take a photo and realize that the lens is mucky, you need a fast way to sort it out. Avoid wiping the lens as this method is likely to smear the dirt across it and will make it even harder to get the perfect picture. Instead, use some tape and stick it to the lens. Leave it for a moment and then peel it off. You will see that the lens is clear once again.

Get a zoom lens for your phone

If you want to get a cool new gadget to help you improve the way you take photos with your phone, you need to get an extra lens. Most stores now sell external lenses for your phone, and so you should have no problem getting your hands on one. When you find a lens that suits your phone, you should talk to the assistant about its features. After you have found the right lens for you, you can start taking excellent, creative photos.

The iPhone 6 comes with an eight megapixel iSight camera, which is top of the range. That means that it is a viable alternative to a professional camera. Start practising today and see what photos you take!

(Imagery from Patrik Nygren)

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