OSRC, a broadcaster to operate them all

The power of Open Source to reach the remote control: under the acronym OSRC (Open Source Remote Control) lies an interesting project that will control any device with a single control and to personalize the control panel according to the user. OSRC is under crowdfunding and promises to revolutionize the world of R/C.


Combining a modular hardware with Linux-based software, OSRC proposes a command made up of interchangeable modules (from special commands for each type of vehicle to touch screens for a perspective in the first person).

Thus, the amateur and professional R/C will only need a single station, customizable and likely to upgrade, and that will get behind the user community makes great open source philosophy.

Consolidate, the OSRC project could lead to a brutal change from proprietary philosophy that dominates the R/C products, where each manufacturer jealously protects its developments; simplifying, we may be witnessing the beginning of a new standard based on free software for a field that will gain great importance in the coming years, with the popularization of the drones that are now common on the battlefield, for example.

So far the OSRC project has begun a campaign of funding through crodwfunding. For 480 euros you can buy the basic unit, with standard controls and support for the 2.4 GHz band, a high price but not unreasonable when you consider the price of a traditional station of average quality. If we add the GSM module, GPS and touch screen rises up to 1,250 euros. Both devices will be available in April 2015 and have all the necessary information on its website Indiegogo.

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