mac malware

The number of malicious files for Mac computers has multiplied in recent years, as evidenced by the security platform Carbon Black. This is explained by the increasing popularity of Apple machines among users. When cyber criminals design a malicious program, a virus or a Trojan, it usually seeks to reachContinue Reading

internet browsing with smart tv

Internet access technology revolutionized television turning them into Smart TV and changed the possibility of entertainment, turning them endless. However, for users to perform actions that give this technology normally as connecting to social networks, listen to music, or video sharing experiences, among others, a quick and seamless connectivity isContinue Reading

taking care of your laptop

If you want to make sure that your laptop works without a hitch for five or six years after purchasing, you will need to take care of it, like a pet. If you don’t, your laptop can get “sick”, or malfunction, which will cost a fortune to fix. Taking goodContinue Reading

dangers of using internet

It is true that today many children are born almost with a tablet or smartphone under the arm, with all that implies: internet, games, social networks, etc. And while some parents are committed, they can not or should ward radically new technologies, because they are there, and part of itsContinue Reading