signal booster

If you are tired of suffering from dropped calls and lost signal then an O2 mobile signal booster and repeater could be the answer. A signal booster works by capturing any cell phone signal, no matter how weak it is and boosting it. It does this by rebroadcasting the signalContinue Reading

HTC One M9+

The appearance of the HTC One M9 was not the only surprise and today has come to light the HTC One M9+, a device which had already leaked data from different sources and as expected is an interesting evolution of the original terminal added that some interesting features. Most notableContinue Reading

LG G4 display

Everyone assumes that the LG just introduced display, screen that will use in the LG G4, and the company itself leaves it quite clear in their statement. The truth is that its technology and square size with what we were waiting for the next major Koreans phone. It has aContinue Reading